The Biology of Bowen Mini-Courses

Learn about the Biology of Bowen with these mini-courses!

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In this video, I introduce you to the 5  x (Biology of) Bowen mini-courses!

Finally you can do them separately. 

They range from topics such as the ANS, stress, mechanorecepetors, non-neuronal cells and stimulation, fascia rigidity, inflammation, electricity, spasticity, collagen…

Basically A LOT.

Watch and be inspired! There is NOTHING like this course (or mini-courses) out there. Truly. 

Go here to find out more and about enroling.

P.S. There are 6 modules in total  – for that, you need to check out the 6-module course!]

Delve deeper with

The Biology of Bowen

An online modular, video-based course that delves into tissue mechanics, cell process, fascia and mechanobiology…to understand how/why Bowen works.

6-Module course to advance your knowledge about Bowen Therapy

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