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International multilingual Bowen therapist

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I am a health practitioner,  and began my career in manual therapy about 16 years ago, discovering the Bowen technique 2 years later. Since then I have been specialising in Bowen Therapy. As I dedicate my time to developing my practice and understanding of Bowen, it has set a new path in mind-body healing and understanding the biology of Bowen.  My approach to healing and soft tissue therapy is an integrated approach – promoting not only healing through touch, but encouraging patients to incorporate a movement-based lifestyle for optimum health and vitality.  My journey into manual therapy formally commenced when I trained in remedial soft tissue therapy in Australia, later working in multidisciplinary clinics in Melbourne, including the Royal Women’s Hospital (oncology department). Early on after graduating, I was invited to work with my remedial massage lecturer in her private clinic, later assisting her in teaching. A firm foundation in training and extensive experience in Australia was imperative to what was to follow overseas.

Bowen Therapy educator

Online course for Bowen Therapists

Online course & FREE learning too!

The basis of my skill set as both a healer and educator consists of: my natural and confident abilities in palpation, attentiveness to my patients / students, mindful presence, essential body and anatomy knowledge, expertise in therapeutic intervention using Bowen or other complementary modalities, assessment skills and, finally a biomechanical understanding of Bowen Therapy. All attributes and skills have been imperative to excel in this work and are constantly being developed and refined.  Collectively, this has led me into the natural progression of the development of the online course The Biology of Bowen.

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Health and fitness

Jenny Petridis holding a kettlebell weight doing chest kettlebells lift ups with both arms
Kettlebell training for strength and conditioning.

Health is a priority. Personally I incorporate it into my life every day in the form of meditation and exercise. Professionally, I facilitate and encourage the same in my patients and students, or at the very least, set an example of the benefits of balanced healthy living. I regularly practice yoga/ kettlebells and bike riding; I meditate (see my meditation audios, and believe strongly in the mind-body connection. My approach is grounded, practical, confident, skilful, deeply intuitive and scientific–bridging science and spirit into a powerful healing session. Please read the testimonials to give you an idea on what you can expect from my sessions.

Continued education

Ever since I began studying Bowen Therapy, I maintained my commitment to learning and continue to participate in continued education with various workshops and manual therapy courses. Courses in musculoskeletal therapy, TMJ workshops, Therapeutic Yoga training, kinesio-taping workshops, and fascia research seminars have all contributed to my on-going education and acquired knowledge in my field. Today, I treat patients in clinic, educate about Bowen Therapy as a post-grad course (the Biology of Bowen), as well as training in multiple languages.

Building relationships and knowledge

The turning point was when I began my quest for knowledge, experience and cultures in South America, building important networks and professional relationships that would prove to be fundamental to my career and knowledge in soft tissue. These alliances, spanning from physiotherapists, kinesiologists, fascia research teachers, neuro-dynamics professionals and neuro-rehabilitation therapists, doctors, professors of biomechanics and anatomy, and scar tissue and fibrosis experts – continue to enrich my life, personally and professionally. Thank you Australia, Argentina, Brasil and Spain!

Latin culture

My love of cultures and healing led me to Latin America and opened many doors where I eventually pioneered Bowen in Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, and recently Barcelona. Being multilingual has opened up wonderful opportunities to help non-english speaking patients and students learn about Bowen Therapy. 

Bowen in Brazil and Argentina

In 2012 Bowen Therapy arrived for the very first time in Buenos Aires, Argentina!
After what was initially a brief tango holiday, I fell in love with this wonderful city and stayed almost 1.5 years pioneering Bowen in Buenos Aires.  In 2014 at the 2nd Fascia Congress in Buenos Aires, I led a presentation and workshop at a Fascia Congress about Bowen Therapy.

Rio de Janeiro

In late 2012, another kind of love took me to Brazil, where I, once again set to pioneer and establish my work with the Bowen method. This time it was in Rio de Janeiro. In a short time, word spread about Bowen and my skills, beginning a great career in Rio.

Fascia congress in Buenos Aires

In September 2013, I was invited to be one of the presenters at the Buenos Aires 1st Fascia Congress, presenting Bowen Therapy. My colleague (a young GP) and I presented a one hour talk on Bowen Therapy whilst sharing the event with an impressive list of respected therapists/physiotherapists/neuro-experts from Argentina, including Robert Schleip. The Congress was founded and organised by the highly regarded international institution Fundación J&E Bachmann. I returned to join the Congress again in 2014 to present Bowen and a run a workshop. (See pic above).
BodyWisdom Spain 2016

Somatic congress in Spain

In June 2-5, with a team of professional bodyworkers/teachers/movement specialists, at BodyWisdom, I once again presented a seminar on Bowen therapy. Event speakers included Bibiana Badenes (Director/Founder of BodyWisdom), JC. Guimberteau, Juan Vicente López, Til Luchau, Susana Ramón, Ed Maupin, Bethany Ward, Larry Koliha, Helena Barquilla, Thomas Rogall, and Dr. Francisco Martínez.
Within the Congress’s theme Walking throughout Life, my workshop presented Bowen Therapy in the context of how it can assist one to walk with balance, connectedness and awareness (interoception.) The second part of the presentation included an engaging practical component where students learnt some of the fundamental Bowen manoeuvres applied over the paraspinal tissues.

Bowen training in Curitiba, Brazil

In November 2017, I taught Bowen Therapy to Brazilian physiotherapists. I continues to develop courses for qualified professional manual therapists, maintaining a high level of training. Bowen Therapy is taught as an adjunct for professional therapists or used as a stand-alone technique. Practitioners already treating patients in their clinic are able to use the method immediately for their patients with outstanding results.

Spain 2018-19

On the tails of recognition of my pioneering work in Latin America, in early 2018 I was interviewed for a story that was published in one of Spain’s most important papers, El País. The story was featured in wellbeing magazine S Moda. The interest for Bowen in Spain together with my desire to spread the work of the Bowen Technique in Spain–added inspiration to travel to this beautiful mediterranean country.
[Update: 15/04/2019 – I am currently in Melbourne, Australia for family commitments]

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