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"Let’s give the loving care of healing touch for our loved ones. Let’s bring comfort and connection into their lives – now."

Jenny Petridis is a soft tissue therapist since 2005, with extensive experience in bodywork as a practitioner, presenter and teacher.  In the early years, she worked in several multidis ciplinary clinics in Melbourne including palliative care massage at the Royal Women’s hospital. 

She later expanded her horizons internationally where she pioneered and specialised in the Bowen Technique, teaching the mechanisms through her courses.  

Inspired by various methodologies from east and west, Jenny eventually set out to create her own healing techniques. Casa Therapie™  is close to her heart and home. 

Casa Therapie™

♡ Created with skill
Applied for love

The story behind the story began in Melbourne.

Jenny recently cared for her elderly mother with dementia in an aged care home. An understaffed and overwhelmed system unfortunately only provides basic needs care, leaving many residents deprived of the love, care and profound healing which touch therapy can provide. Similarly family members often feel powerless..

For several months, multiple days a week, Jenny visited to help care for her mother using her therapeutic skills in bodywork healing, desiring desperately to bring as much comfort, love, connection and care possible, despite the difficult circumstances and conditions. This emotional experience was transformative for both Jenny and her beloved mother in a matter of weeks, proving the healing power of touch.

Over the course of a few months, Jenny (and the nurses) witnessed almost miraculous changes – in Meropi’s cognition and physical health. Upon learning that dysphagia was preventing her mother from eating well or at all, Jenny proceeded to use her expert knowledge about the body, pathologies, anatomy, physiology, symptoms and techniques to help improve functions contributing to swallowing and intake of food.

She designed a treatment for her mother that used a special type of touch therapy she specialised in which uses gentle motions on the soft tissues, included mobilisation techniques to reduce the spasticity her mother had, relaxation massage for the face, acupressure, reflexology and aromatherapy : a blend of many skills of which Jenny had gained throughout her long career in bodywork and natural health.

In a short time, much to the surprise and delight of staff, Jenny’s mother gained weight for the first time since arriving (Jenny also spent hours to feed her certain foods on each visit), and showed visible signs of improvement and vitality.

It is generally accepted in medicine that late stage dementia typically has a poor prognosis. This never deterred Jenny in her quest, nor by her mother in receiving her undivided attention and healing touch – that sent ripples of love into her days. And so, the final several months of her mothers life were filled with love, care, comfort, less pain, and a significant period of improvement.

When her time seemed to approach nearer for her transition, Jenny continued to give love and comfort through her therapies – providing for a comfortable and loving process to lead her into the journey of the afterlife.

Being able to treat her mother for many, many months in resident care – with what Jenny has now named Casa Therapie™ (translates to “home therapy”) – was the greatest, most fulfilling and nurturing gift for mother and daughter to experience, connecting them always and for eternity.

It is from this emotional and heart-filled experience that Jenny decided to teach her integrated method of healing for the elderly. Her touch therapy provided not only pain relief, but also connection, comfort and dignity for her mother during an otherwise difficult time of discomfort, fear, disconnection and isolation.
Casa Therapie™ is in memory of and dedicated to Meropi Petridis.

“I look forward to helping you help your loved ones through the power of touch.”

~ Jenny Petridis

Bodywork practitioner and teacher
Creator of Casa Therapie™
Touch therapy for the elderly

Dip. Remedial Massage
Bowen Therapy Cert.
Therapeutic Yoga, Level I & II
Peter Hess® Sound Massage, Level I & II

A gentle non-invasive touch therapy for the care and wellbeing of the elderly.

A hands-on 5hour workshop with Jenny

Sunday, 30th June, 9am-2pm, Melbourne VIC 3101. Private location in Kew.

♡ No experience needed.
♡ Ideal for family members and carers to help loved ones in their home (seated) or visits in aged care.

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