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The Story “Let’s give the loving care of healing touch for our loved ones. Let’s bring comfort and connection into their lives – now.” Jenny Petridis is a soft tissue therapist since 2005, with extensive experience in bodywork as a practitioner, presenter and teacher.  In the early years, she worked in several multidis ciplinary clinics … Read more

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What are The 3 Things You Must Know as a Bowen Therapist? 🇵🇹 Quais são as 3 coisas que você deve saber como Terapeuta Bowen? 🇬🇷 Ποια είναι τα 3 πράγματα που πρέπει να γνωρίζετε ως Θεραπευτής Bowen; Get your Free 25page Report! In 3 different languages! Tick your box. [Obtenha seu Relatório gratuito de … Read more