Casa Therapie™

Casa Therapie™ is a method of gentle and effective touch techniques for the wellbeing and healing of our elderly loved ones at home or in aged care.

It uses techniques inspired by methodologies such as the Bowen Technique, reflexology, thai massage, and remedial rehabilitation techniques, with spiritual principles.

A hands-on workshop

Touch therapy for the elderly

Sunday August 3rd, 9am-6pm, Kew, Vic. 3101

A full one-day workshop designed for family members, friends, caregivers and healthcare professionals to learn how to give unique and varied therapeutic touch healing sessions* safely and effectively for wellbeing.

*The workshop is primarily designed for body therapy on non-ambulatory persons who are in wheelchairs and/or required to be seated

Workshop is created and taught by Jenny Petridis, licensed Soft Tissue Therapist and teacher.

♡ 1-day workshop
♡ Open to everyone!
♡ No bodywork experience required  

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Join me in a full one-day workshop. Small group.

Learn practical and effective hands-on massage techniques for your elderly loved ones at home or in aged care.

A workshop designed specifically for applying therapeutic touch to elderly who are non-ambulatory and/or require to be seated.

What is Casa Therapie™?

Casa Therapie™ uses various hands-on techniques inspired by methodologies such as the Bowen Technique, reflexology, thai massage and remedial rehabilitation techniques.

It is a blended soft tissue technique that is gentle for the receiver and the giver, requiring only a pair of capable hands, compassion, the intention to heal and foster connection.

Casa Therapie™ combines practical hands-on skills with a spiritual approach that is grounded in:
♡ Intention
♡ Connection
♡ Care
♡ Skill

Who is this workshop for?

This is a course for everyone!  Anyone who wants to give quality of life for their loved ones in the home or in aged care residences; it is also suitable for caregivers and all healthcare practitioners / bodyworkers.

The one-day course is designed for helping the elderly person who is essentially non-ambulatory; who require to be in a wheelchair/chair, whether it is a temporary situation or permanent.  Casa Therapie™ is therefore very practical even when visiting your loved ones in an aged care or similar. 

The practical component of the workshop will be carried out on chairs (with arm rests) applied on clothed persons.   We learn to apply the techniques in the most effective and comfortable way for both receiver and giver in a home environment with minimal props.  Workshop participants will practice on each other in a private small group with full supervision and assistance from Jenny.

The material contained in the workbook and techniques taught, are founded on Jenny’s professional qualifications and decades of experience in bodywork, including and especially her own personal experience in caring for her mother in aged care.

  • Private location in Melbourne’s inner east.
  • 9am – 6pm, Saturday 3rd August, 2024
  • Certificate of Attendance upon completion
  • Practice seated. No massage tables required/used!

Receive a full colour workbook!

Receive a full colour Workbook!
30 plus full colour pages!

The Workshop

Casa Therapie™ is a gentle touch therapy inspired by east and western healing techniques to bring comfort, ease, mobility, connection and quality of life for the aged.

Learn techniques that combine acupressure, principles of aromatherapy, reflexology and gentle movement methods which can be of benefit for:

♡ Pain
♡ Vagal tone stimulation
♡ Body-wide relaxation
♡ Nervous system regulation
♡ Rigidity / spasticity / paratonia
♡ Anxiety and fear
♡ Disconnection and loneliness
♡ Mind-body connection
And general wellbeing and relaxation.


About Jenny

Jenny Petridis. - Your instructor

Jenny Petridis is a Melbourne-born, qualified soft tissue therapist since 2005, with extensive experience in bodywork as a practitioner, presenter and teacher.  In the early years, she worked in several multidisciplinary clinics in Melbourne including palliative care massage at the Royal Women’s hospital.

She later expanded her horizons internationally where she pioneered and specialised in the Bowen technique (a very gentle bodywork method), teaching the mechanisms through her courses. 

Inspired by various methodologies from east and west, Jenny eventually set out to create her own healing techniques. Casa Therapie™  is close to her heart and home. [Casa = “home” in Spanish, one of the 4 languages she speaks.]

Join Jenny for an informative, practical and empowering workshop to help your loved ones! And, without heavy demands on your body and energy! 

Read more  here.


Jenny Petridis

Soft Tissue Therapist/teacher
Dip. Remedial Massage Therapy
Cert. Bowen Therapy

Therapeutic Yoga Lvls 1-2
Peter Hess® Sound Massage Lvl s1-2
Thai Massage
The Biology of Bowen

Casa Therapie™

A gentle non-invasive touch therapy for the care and wellbeing of the elderly.

Created with skill.
Applied for love.

✔️ Learn the basics of therapeutic touch principles

✔️ Learn 5 hands-on techniques and learn to treat 5 body parts.

✔️ Receive guidance, teaching and support in a small group environment.

✔️ Receive a Certificate of Attendance.

✔️ Receive a bound workbook with all the relevant content as well as diagrams and instructions on applying Casa Therapie™.

✔️ Obtain hands-on practical skills for immediate use.

✔️ Understand health benefits of the techniques taught. Learn a bit of science too.

✔️ Be taught by a professional bodyworker with 2 decades of experience and personal experience with treating family member in aged care.


For pre-registration information, agenda, and what to bring, please contact Jenny

Please make payment to secure your registration.

Investment: $419 $286

Full payment must be made by Friday 26th July 2024
Limited numbers! 

Payment methods

① Bank Transfer

Account Name: ITHAKI MOU
BSB Number.: 033-054
Account Number: 394931
Please email to confirm.

Price: $286.00

② Pay by credit card.

Venue and details

Venue: Melbourne’s inner east. Address provided upon confirmed registration.
Date/Time: Saturday August 3rd, 9am to 6pm.
What to bring: Yourself, a big heart, and willing, capable hands!
It will be a relaxed atmosphere in a beautiful high-ceiling home with huge windows with natural light, sofa, chairs and warmth – perfect atmosphere for learning. No powerpoint presentations – we will follow the 30page workbook (you’ll get a hard copy!), and with my instructions and demonstrations, you will walk away with solid techniques to use on the elderly. We will practice on each other – seated. We will have time for discussion, questions and revising anything you are unsure about. I can’t wait. What about you?
Optional: You are welcome to bring with you any props you would like to use for your elderly member such as favourite pillow, bolsters etc.  However, we have many pillows here!
Break: We will have a break for tea/coffee etc. (provided) and also a lunch break in the house. Please bring own lunch, which can be stored in fridge, or warmed up as needed. All modern cons in the kitchen!

Ready for a great day of learning?

Give comfort, healing and wellbeing to your loved one with these techniques.

Saturday 3rd August ❥ 9am-6pm ❥ $419 $286

Extra hour added to the workshop. But, no change in cost. 🙂

Photo of elderly receiving touch therapy.

What's next after the Basic Workshop?

Next level

★ There will be follow-up workshops that build upon the basic Casa Therapie™ workshop. They will cover more techniques and introduce more science, biology and other principles and practices to optimise healing.

★  The next level course is a series of short workshops that will include topics such as ‘the science of touch”; (more) common symptoms of elderly and what you can do; quantum principles in healing; paratonia/spasticity – what is it and how to best treat, more mobilisation  and passive movement techniques and more Bowen techniques. More to look forward to!

★ The next level workshops are similarly designed for all family members, friends, care-givers and health practitioners. The basic workshop is a pre-requisite. 

Hosting a workshop in Australia

A few requirements to host a workshop!

For a successful and comfortable workshop in your home (or similar):

Comfortable large lounge area: No distractions; separate to kitchen. If open plan, ensure no interruptions/distractions.
Ample natural lighting / windows
Minimum of 3 armchairs; able to comfortably sit upright and have arm rests (for the “receiver”).
Additional minimum of 4 standard chairs or low stools to sit (for the “giver”)
Several lounge small pillows; including hand towels.
Foot poofs/foot rests/stools is helpful (minimum 4)
Kitchen amenities (or close to cafe)
Minimum 8 participants
Provide refreshments: tea, coffee, fruit & nuts. (Cost of to be reimbursed!)

Provide current photos/video of your home/space.

Would you like to host a Casa Therapie™ workshop in your home? Available for Melbourne and other major cities. Please email Jenny to discuss! There are only a few requirements to make it happen! Plus you get to do the full-day workshop for free*

*Conditions apply – let’s chat!

If location of your house is outside of metropolitan Melbourne or in another city altogether:
✓ Arrangements made for pickup/drop off teacher (Jenny) from/to airport or similar.

Let's do it! Download the form to host a workshop: