Bowen Therapy

An Australian soft tissue technique

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Bowen Therapy can be described as a remedial manual technique, a neuro-muscular technique, a soft tissue therapy, and also aptly: a mind-body technique. It uses principles and practices of osteopathy, chiropractic and oriental philosophy to encourage the body to return its natural state of homeostasis (balance).  It is a holistic manual therapy at it’s core that regulates the nervous system via precise touches on the soft tissue.  I have been dedicated primarily to working with this remarkable Australian technique since 2005.

Principle of Bowen Therapy

The fundamental principle of Bowen Therapy is that the body has a self-regulating capacity.  When the body is in a state of homeostasis (includes physical, emotional and mental wellbeing), it is in an optimum state to fight infections, repair damaged tissues, restore mobility and be resilient to the outside environment.

Who is Tom Bowen?

Tom Bowen (1916-1982, Australia) was a natural and gifted healer. He had no formal qualifications, but studied, practiced, and observed many healers of his time.  He called himself a self-trained osteopath and manual therapist.  Tom had a unique gift and ability to develop a form of bodywork with similar principles to osteopathy.  Through his own exposure to other manual therapists, he developed a technique that is today called the Bowen Technique or Bowen Therapy…


Bowen therapy has a high patient acceptance with a few exceptions such as medical emergencies and severe fractures.

Some of the many benefits of Bowen therapy include the improvement and healing of:
musculoskeletal conditions, inflammatory and circulatory conditions, back and neck pain, pelvic/jaw/hip imbalance, frozen shoulder, arthritis, insomnia, respiratory problems, sciatica, acute and chronic pain/conditions, and many more.  It is important to note that Bowen therapy essentially treats the individual rather than the symptoms or disease.

Video demonstration

Watch this 2 minute video to get a feel of how/what Bowen is. The video has been created to be slower than normal, for best viewing. Practitioners usually work at various paces depending on the desired outcome.

Copyright © 2009-2022 Janie (Jenny) Petridis – All rights reserved. 

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Bowen Therapy Sessions are approximately 55 minutes. First session is a full hour.

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