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Body Therapie™

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A holistic bodywork therapy that integrates ancient and modern somatic wisdom, with a science and spiritual approach.

Body Therapie™ (BT) is a bodywork therapy which blends hands-on soft tissue techniques (tension+compression motions), movement and energy principles to create an integrated somatic therapy for healing of body-mind and soul.

BT has evolved through Jenny’s experience and knowledge in bodywork. BT is the culmination of methods inspired from manual, movement  and energetic-spiritual wisdom.  Body therapie™ is largely influenced by the principles and practices of the Bowen Technique and other methodologies including: remedial massage, acupoint theory and the meridian system, reflexology, yoga, Alexander Technique, visualisation and quantum-energy principles. 


The result is an interconnected flow of gentle BT manoeuvres as the base technique, with elements of mind-body practices to guide the body to feel balanced, whole and connected – to oneself and the energetic cosmos. Body Therapie™ is ultimately about facilitating health through touch and connection.


✔️  Musculoskeletal conditions,
✔️  Inflammatory and circulatory conditions,
✔️  Back and neck pain,
✔️  Pelvic/jaw/hip imbalance,
✔️  Frozen shoulder,
✔️  Arthritis,
✔️  Insomnia,
✔️  Respiratory problems,
✔️  Sciatica,
✔️  Acute and chronic pain/conditions,
and many more.

It is important to note that Body Therapie™ treats the individual rather than the symptoms or disease.

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