Intent and Knowledge as Bowen Therapists

Intent and Knowledge as Bowen healers.


In this casual video  I talk about INTENT AND KNOWLEDGE. Both important and interlinked. When we have greater knowledge about what we do (to the body/ with our hands/ to the tissues etc). our intent becomes so much more clear and focused.

Would you agree?
I myself, over the years, can really visualise all the wonderful goings-on in the tissues when I make that small Bowen manoeuvre..
The more I understand what is going on, the more I can imagine the cell processes and tissue modifying itself under the gentle force of our Bowen touch.

Keep learning and growing!
The world needs you, Bowen-healers. 😊

♡ Let’s learn.
♡ Let’s share.
♡ Let’s know more. 

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In health, healing and learning,

Jenny 🌺

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