Bowen Wisdom Basics

Bowen Wisdom Basics [thoughts & wisdom]


In this video, I share why I chose the 3 things in particular, for the Free Report!   There are many important things to know as a Bowen Therapist, right? But, for a few reasons, these things did stand out and I explain why.

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Jenny 🌺

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4 thoughts on “Bowen Wisdom Basics”

  1. Thanks Jenny.
    I applaud the way you have presented your interpretation of Bowen. I think this would be of great advantage to all Therapists, but to be given this information at the start of learning would have more impact and understanding. You have put into words that are easy to convey to clients. Empowering the Therapist to educate the client. I have already passed you on to other Therapists. Thank You

    • Dear Shonagh,
      Thank you so very much for your valuable feedback! I am so grateful that you have taken the time to share your thoughts. And really happy you have gained much from it, already.
      I assume when you say: the ‘start of learning’, as in – place this as the first video content straight after the Free Report? Or, before the Free Report?
      Let me know. I will take your suggestion on board, and see how to manoeuvre the learning flow. Or, better yet, add more. 😊
      Much appreciated Shonagh. Thank You for your support and spreading the word.

  2. You’re the best Bowen terapist I know
    besides be a beautiful human being.
    Love you!
    Conceicao Coimbra

    • Hi Conceição! Thank you my friend and colleague! I love you too! And you are a top professional too – hope to see you some day in Rio de Janeiro. Beijinhos! 🥰


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