ANS & Bowen Course Introduction

What's the "Autonomic Nervous System, stress & Bowen" course about?


In this video I introduce to you to The Autonomic Nervous system, stress and Bowen.

We are all too familiar about the perils and dangers of an over-stressful life.

If you’re practising as a Bowen Therapist, you’d be familiar with the potent power of Bowen for reducing stress…though so much more. (of which the course goes into depth about!). 

Join me and get to know what this course is about. 

By the way, it’s also Module 3 of the full 6-module course! However, you can do it as a single course. 

GO HERE for lesson curriculum and enroling.

♡ Let’s learn.
♡ Let’s share.
♡ Let’s be better Bowen Therapists! 

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In health and healing,

Jenny 🌺

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"The Power of the Bowen Move"

Through the interface between Bowen, fascia and mechanobiology, Jenny presents on: Why /how the Bowen ‘move’ heals.

She presents the 6 ‘Healing Powers’ of the Bowen manoeuvre.

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