Diversify or Specialise?

Diversify or specialise? [thoughts & wisdom]


In this video, I chat about diversification (learn many techniques) or focus just on Bowen and maybe one more technique? What is best for your knowledge, learning and practice? 

I share my thoughts. 

♡ Let’s learn.
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♡ Let’s know more. 

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Meanwhile, share your comments!

In health and healing,

Jenny 🌺

2 thoughts on “Diversify or Specialise?”

  1. Hi Jenny,
    Everything you said in this video is an excellent reflection of my journey. I am so glad I learnt Bowen first. I loved the anatomy and physiology course. Then I am glad I did Emmett Technique next. There were so many connections between the 2 therapies . But now in my 5th year of practice, I generally do Bowen and integrate Emmett with a few moves. I agree that the less is more process is so important. I do get frustrated by some clients that have complicated and mixed presentations. But you need to take a step back and believe in the power of Bowen. I am really enjoying your videos.

    • Hi Kirsty, Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and experiences. So glad that the video resonates, and really great to hear that your journey is flowing well, and you made decisions (doing Bowen first) that fits well with later learning Emmett. Yes, the complex cases can be challenging! And agree – taking a step back and believing.. And trusting the body will prioritise, albeit more slowly sometimes with the complex cases. Really happy to be a part of your Bowen journey. 😊 🌺


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