Tom Bowen

Origins of Bowen Therapy

Tom Bowen [1912-1982]

Tom Bowen was a gifted Australian born healer who achieved great status and recognition for his extraordinary abilities from 1959 till his death.  He was a self trained ‘osteopath’ and was reported to have been treating up to 100 patients in one day. His method has been interpreted and given birth to what is now called Bowen Therapy.

Tom Bowen treated many disabled children and also their carers in a free monthly clinic. Bowen ‘passed on’ his technique through the apprenticeship method which was common in those days. He permitted a select group of practitioners to observe him over the years. They were chiropractors, an osteopath and a massage therapist. It is through these interpretations, that we have come to know, and continue to unravel the subtle yet extremely powerful Bowen technique.


Tom Bowen’s approach was osteopathic with influences of oriental and chiropractic techniques (without spinal adjustments). Though not formally trained as an osteopath, his peers considered him an osteopath because of his approach, principles,  and tactile knowledge, aligned with osteopathy.  Tom had an innate and intuitive understanding of the body despite his lack of formal training, but perhaps because of his passion, curiosity and dedication to help others through unique tactile application.  He was known to have studied many books,  observed his own mentors and was respected by the community.

Through understanding Tom’s work, today we continue to study fundamentals about the connective tissue system, the nervous system and meridian pathways – collectively forming a basis of his technique.

Tom was not only a gifted therapist, he was a charitable man who cared deeply for his patients. 

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Jenny’s teachings and clinical practice of Bowen Therapy is based on the interpretations of Tom Bowen’s healing technique accompanied by complementary skills and methods learnt, intuition and knowledge about the body. 

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