International Bowen Therapist and educator


Hi! Thank you being here.  Being healthy and using my hands as a healing tool has been a part of my life; it is  who I am at the core, in both practice and in spirit. I have been a manual therapist for over 15 years, dedicating my work primarily with the Bowen technique, accompanied with complementary soft tissue techniques learnt during my career.  My experience includes studies and professional work in Australia and overseas, presentations and workshops at fascia congresses in Argentina (2014 & 2015) and Bodywork congress in Spain (2016).

Yoga & movement

I have been a student of Iyengar-based yoga classes in Melbourne for over 10 years, and an advocate for integrating movement practices with manual therapy; also trained in Therapeutic Yoga, (Australia). Recently I am thrilled to have found kettlebells training, a perfect complement to yoga practice. 


Meditating takes me out of my analytical mind, out of my external environment and transports me within: the space where change can truly happen. Meditation helps me to cultivate a sense of calm and quiet coupled with creation, which, through daily repetition has the power to transform me into a balanced Being of love and light. This is who we are, at our very core.

Healthy lifestyle

Embodying health, wellness and staying active has always been a priority in my life. Not as an obligation, but a joy and respect for the body and its remarkable abilities – our vehicle to experience life.  Incorporating three key elements in mind-body health has helped me to stay strong, balanced and healthy. 


"My session with Jenny was transformative! It was the first time I had experienced Bowen therapy so I had no expectations, however I knew I was in good hands because Jenny has a wealth of knowledge and experience. I found her adept at reading my body and treating accordingly. For years, my pelvis had been slightly skewed, which Jenny picked up on straightaway."
"Without question, there is something special and magical about Jenny. Of course she has lots of body knowledge, and has really mastered her technique, with it's astonishing soft touch, firm manipulations, and then magical pauses. During those pauses, the other side of her work, call it affective or spiritual, has its effects. Along with all the positive emanations during the massage itself, in the pauses, Jenny's 'healing wilfulness' is able work its wonders".
"To know Bowen Therapy through Jenny Petridis's hands was, for me, an auspicious and promising beginning. With her hands and fingers that, not only touched but observed and listened to my skin and muscles, I could feel a huge sensation of freedom in my whole body. Each movement was preceded by explanations and followed by her caring. Bowen Therapy is really impressive! With small and few movements we can realize so many big changes in our body, and create a possibility to move with more grace and awareness."

My Curriculum


Workshop: Introduction to Bowen Therapy (Teacher) – Barcelona, Spain 2018
Introduction to Bowen Therapy (Teacher) – Buenos Aires, Argentina 2017
Bowen Therapy Course (Teacher) – Curitiba, Brasil 2017
Presenter at 1st & 2nd Fascia Congress (FASCINACIÓN) – Buenos Aires, Argentina 2013 & 2014
Presenter at IV International Congress for BodyWisdom Spain– Benicássim, Spain 2016
Pioneer of Bowen Therapy in Buenos Aires & Rio de Janeiro 2012-2016.



Additional Certification

The Science of Interoception – NIH (online), Maryland, USA, 2019

Intensive and Progressive (Meditation/Quantum healing) Workshop – Dr Joe Dispenza (online), 2018

Therapeutic Yoga 1 & 2 – United Health, Melbourne, Australia, 2017

RockTape® Kinesio-taping Course – RockTape® Australia, Melbourne, Australia, 2017

Liberação Tecidual Funcional {LTF – Liberation Tissue Function} –  Dr. Mariane Altomare, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2016

Applied Myoskeletal Workshops – John Garfield (AUS) Auckland, New Zealand, 2015

The Importance of Symmetry / Continued Education for Bowen Therapy – Graham Pennington, Warrnambool, Australia, 2015

TMJ 1 & 2 – Ron Phelan Ocean Grove, Australia, 2015

Advances in Fascial Research & Treatments – Dr Robert Schleip (Germany), Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2014

Working with the Feet – School of Alexander Studies – David Moore & Fiona Bryant, Melbourne, Australia, 2014


Workshop – Level 1 – Australian Bush Flower Essences, Melbourne Australia, 2014

Dip. Remedial Massage –  Southern School of Natural Therapies, Melbourne, Australia, 2014

Bowen Therapy Certification & Advanced Training –  ISBT, Melbourne, Australia, 2005

Thai Massage –  What Po, Bangkok Thailand, 2002.