Thoughts about Bowen Therapy

Bowen therapy works on fascia, Jenny Petridis, Bowen therapy barcelona spain, Bowen therapist españaBowen therapy is not only gentle and uses minimal palpation, but for many – surprisingly and remarkably effective. Despite the absence of peer reviewed scientific evidence of the efficacy and function of the therapy itself, Bowen therapy has received much interest in the past 10 years, notably recently appearing in the honorable late Leon Chaitow’s fascia book, article by Dr Robert Schleip, congresses now including presentations by Bowen experts and others teaming with fascia dissection clinicians to share a common passion about connective tissue and the implication of specific tactile intervention. I for one am fascinated by this, having attended and presented at fascia congresses.

Recent studies about fascia and mechanobiology demonstrate the effectiveness of low-force, small and intermittent mechanical forces of tissues to create positive change in dysfunctional fascial tissue – in particular fibrotic and inflamed tissue. This supports a fundamental characteristic of the Bowen technique, and its notable anti-inflammatory role.

First and foremost, acknowledging the intimate link with the nervous system and fascial tissues: our tactile work with Bowen provides this new sensory information that adjusts the sensitivity of the nervous system.

The surprisingly gentle and precise manoeuvers can achieve significant changes in the body and overall health. They are really changing the nervous system. The system that controls everything in our body. And the fascial system is the system that is connected to all systems of the body.

They are so intertwined, we don’t know where one begins and the other starts. Bowen therapy has this remarkable capacity to affect the nervous system via these touches, on very precise points. We are beginning to unravel the importance of these ‘points’. Many are related to acupuncture points, and more scientifically or physiological: they are where there is a higher density of sensory receptors. This is one of the many keys.

Sensory-recptor rich points of the body –> bowen touch –> changes in NS –> affects tissues. This is a basic way of looking at it.

You see, it’s not really practical to massage/manipulate every inch of the body to touch all the tissues. It’s a long arduous bodywork treatment. Rather than touch every inch of the body – target these receptor rich points.
I’ll leave you with that for now.

Over the coming months, I will post more.  I will be posting so much more! Watch this space. I love my work. I am always amazed at the results, even 13 years later. Be sure to follow my posts if you are interested in healing with Bowen Therapy.

Till next time soon…

~ Jenny



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