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Picture of a guy at top of mountain meditating against night sky with dark blue sky and horizonModern Meditation – This is the title of the article that was published in Women’s Health and Fitness Magazine.

In Melbourne, I have facilitate creative visualisation morning classes, and I was approached to be interviewed by journalist David Goding (Australia) who wrote a wonderful informative and inspiring article on the benefits of ‘modern’ meditation.

This interview article is still being shared in many blog posts and health websites, years later.  Such is the importance and growing interest in meditation and natural health practices of mind and body.

Excerpt from the article:

According to research, meditation reduces high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels. David Goding investigates its far-reaching health benefits.

The science of meditation is at once very simple and incredibly complex. On a basic level it requires little more than inner calm and focus though it provides us with a wealth of lasting mental and physical benefits. In fact, meditation may well be the third cog in the wheel of health — along with diet and regular exercise — that provide us with ultimate health and wellbeing.

“Regular meditation helps you to develop coping mechanisms that enable you to deal with obstacles in life,” says Jenny Petridis, Meditation Facilitator.

“Physically your body becomes a lot more relaxed. You don’t realise how much tension you hold in your body and most of the time we don’t breathe correctly. As well as having psychological benefits, the practice of meditation initiates changes in physiological functioning, including reduction in heart rate, oxygen consumption and stress hormones.”

The ability of meditation to reduce stress has seen its introduction to hospitals in cases of chronic or terminal illness, where it is used to reduce complications, promote immune system functions and an improved attitude by the patient. In short, reduced stress means improved health……

Meditating before bedtime has been shown to be one of the most effective remedies for breaking the pattern of sleeplessness and offers a very real alternative to sleeping drugs. This is particularly relevant when you consider that lack of sleep is not only on the rise throughout the Western world but is now the number one reason people visit their GP.

When creative visualisation or guided imagery is used on top of this the results can be even more powerful.
“Setting out the positive intention in meditation really enables you to feel that you are the creator of your world,” says Petridis.

“This kind of visualisation is commonly used in the sporting arena. If you visualise yourself winning that race, you start to feel that you are actually winning the race. You are rewiring the brain and it’s as if your brain is tricking your body into doing it.”

Full magazine article can be read HERE.

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