Bowen technique recommended by Argentine wellbeing magazine

The essential principle of Bowen Therapy is the certainty that the body has its own healing capacity

Argentina Jenny Eleni Petridis Terapeuta Bowen Bowen Therapy Argentina mediaI had the good fortune and opportunity to being sought out for interviews (about Bowen Therapy)  in wellbeing magazines and presented at Congresses around the world (Argentina and Spain). It’s well worth a read! Magalí (journalist) did an excellent job.


An interview with Jenny with Argentine magazine Ohlalá, January 2012
Journalist: Magalí Etcherbarne, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
This 2-page spread in Argentina’s leading wellness magazine (2012) can be read in full.

Excerpt: When we are both in a physical and emotional state of balance and harmony, our body is in the best condition to fight against infections, repair damaged tissues, restore movements, and, has a better capacity to adapt to the environment and to the external influences. Through a sequence of soft movements to balance, on muscles and tendons, the nervous system is stimulated and sends “signals” to the brain that activate the self healing process. The therapy works precisely on the fascia.

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Bowen technique recommended by Spanish paper El País

These micro-movements aim to stimulate the body

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The Bowen Technique, a manual remedy against Office-workers’ Syndrome.

An interview with Jenny with Spanish magazine S Moda, January 2018
Journalist: María Lopez Villodres, Madrid (original article is in spanish)

Excerpt: Less is more, such is the minimalist approach of this “complementary manual therapy that heals through soft and superficial manoeuvres on muscles, tendons and specific soft tissue areas”, explains Jenny Petridis to S Moda magazine, Bowen therapist and teacher of the technique.

She makes emphasis on a key aspect to understand it: “These micro-movements aim to stimulate the body.” That is to say, no abrupt manipulations. Furthermore, in the sessions along with those small movements on the affected areas, other elements that play a fundamental role are the pauses: “The somatosensory integration time allows the nervous system to adapt and make its changes,” says Petridis.

Read original Spanish article HERE.
Read full (in English) article HERE.


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