Distant Healing with Bowen

Bowen therapy works on fascia, Jenny Petridis, Bowen therapy barcelona spain, Bowen therapist españaIn the world of quantum physics,

we can transcend time and space, and ‘matter’ only exists when we put our attention to it. Neuroscience confirms that our mind is what tells our brain what to do, not the other way around, and through the mind, with right intent and emotional charge, we can move through space and time…and heal.
To put in simply, we really are energy. And more importantly and relevant here, we are all connected.

The power of healing therapies, from both a scientific and spiritual perspective, is a beautiful combination and forces of: the therapy or modality itself, the therapists’ intent, therapeutic skill and knowledge, the patients’ belief and willingness, and finally, Source’s healing energy, or the Unified Field where all is whole, complete, perfect and limitless. When all these are combined, are powerful, deep profound healing can occur.

Recently, a very prominent surgeon, who is more known these days as an expert on fascia (the connective tissue beneath our skin that is everywhere and surrounds everything in our body), has presented his latest research, and includes quantum physics…  Indeed our bodies are so much more than flesh and blood.

Why I am doing distant healing?

Over the past 6 years, whilst I have lived far from my family in 2 different continents, I have been presented with dilemmas on how I can help them when they are in pain or injured. This is where I made a kind of quantum healing leap and one day said to my brother after he told me of his sciatica: “Well, what if I give you a Bowen session?  The is through my focused imagination in my mind? I have treated you several times, I know your body, I have a photographic memory and also sense-memory, so we have nothing to lose.”

My brother is a practical and down to earth guy, and maybe a little skeptical too, and looks down on fluffy new age methods, but he trusts me fully as a practitioner, so we went ahead. Permission and acceptance from the recipient is very important!

The first distant healing

That day, I prepared the session much like I would in a clinical situation, but with a whole lot more intense concentration and a very strong intent to heal.
I meditated first until I knew my brain was in an alpha-state, where my analytical mind was no longer dominant, and my body was relaxed but my mind very creative – the perfect state to visualise and sense the session from beginning to end in my mind.

Each manouver, each touch, sensing texture of his skin, the muscles, fascia, sensing as I was placing my hands beneath his cervical spine – all was performed with great concentration and mindfulness, sensing and visualising everything.

Fast forward a couple of days and this is what happened: My brother recounted his sensation to me, with part disbelief and part acceptance because he recognised the post-Bowen responses and discomforts that sometimes may occur.

That same night after his session, he commented that throughout the night he could not sleep well as he had some intense heat and pain around his leg and buttocks, though a different pain than was he was experiencing with the sciatica – the familiar discomfort that is a physiological response from the session, and always temporary.

The next morning, he had 70% less pain, and by the fourth day, he was pain free, having also committed to some exercises I suggested. My brother is very straight forward and not a people-pleaser, not even for his sister. So, his testimonial was heartfelt, frank and greatly appreciated by me.

Exclusive and private service

I have had enquiries recently, and I would like to help people even when I’m away.
I really do love what I do, and furthermore when I can combine science of manual therapy, anatomy principles with spirituality + quantum physics – it is all the more whole.

This service is semi-private. I only offer this service to just a handful of current patients who I have treated in the past years more than 3 times, patients who have come to see me in the past year at least once, or patients I have treated many times over the years.

The reason for this, is that I sense and feel and ‘see‘ your body as I perform the session, therefore I must be able to clearly and vividly remember and sense your body and its presence.  This is more than energy healing – I am right there (or here), with you, and can feel everything.

You see, time and space literally collapses. This is quantum Law.

A gift for you, free

With this unique healing session, you will receive a gift from me, that goes straight into your inbox: A creative visualisation meditation downloadable audio called UNIVERSE. You can read more about it HERE.  In fact, you could be listening to this while I do the distant Bowen session!

About your session

Sessions go for approximately 55 minutes, always accompanied with meditation (this is my own preparation before I treat) to achieve the right state. (In fact, I do this every day, before I come to the clinic anyway if you are wondering!). Touch + visualisation is my specialty, so you are absolutely in good ‘hands’, body and mind.

Distant Bowen demands so much more presence, awareness and deep focused concentration, as I am not using any senses except the power of my mind to sense. Every motion I make through my mind produces tissue and nervous system change. This is surely a unique way to work and for your to receive. I take my work and my patients’ wellbeing seriously, and give my undivided attention in the distant healings.  (Even though it is by distance, the effort is greatly magnified, hence the small price difference to normal Bowen.)

Making an appointment:

  1. Book (state your preferred day/time): WhatsApp Jenny +34 627 133 647, or email: [email protected]
    Choose an approximate time frame of between 1-1.5 hours when you can be either relaxing somewhere on a sofa or bed when your body and mind is not too busy. It is preferable that you are not walking or doing some activity.  You can be reading or simply relaxing.
  2. Pay: Your booking is secured by paying via the blue buttons below where you can pay with your credit card. (single session A$100 and 3 x sessions A$280)[simpay id=”1293″][simpay id=”1294″]
  3. Write reason for your session. You’ll receive email/text asking you to answer some brief questions about your condition/concern/ problem to address, for the best treatment for you (much like a normal follow up Bowen session).  As you are a current patient, we can move through this part smoothly and effortlessly.
  4.  Done. Your appointment is booked and we are ready to begin on the chosen day.

Jenny will prompt you with a message when she starts and finishes.

Refund policy: Refunds apply only when a cancellation or rescheduling is made 48 hours prior to your appointment.

Further notes

Reactions and responses may occur just like a ‘normal’ Bowen session you have received before. In fact, you might be surprised!  And just like your normal sessions, you may feel little initially, but there is always so much going on beneath the surface right to the cellular level. You know and remember this for previous sessions.

This page URL is not publicly visible on this website, so save it! Lastly, shshshsh…I do not publicise this to the public.

I look forward to working with you.

~ Warmly,
Janie (commonly known as Jenny)