Electric network & Bowen Introduction

What’s the “Electric network and Bowen” course about? https://www.terapia-bowen.com/videos/ELECTRIC%20MINICOURSE%20INTRO_720px.mp4 Course Lessons and Info! Buy Now Hi! In this video I introduce to you to The Electric network and Bowen.   We look at the electric nature of our soft tissues, and how Bowen affects the electric impulses that run through our body – notably our fascia!  … Read more

Fascia & Bowen Course Introduction

What’s the “Fascia and Bowen” course about? https://www.terapia-bowen.com/videos/FUNDAMENTALS%20MINICOURSE%20INTRO_720px.mp4 Course Lessons and Info! Hi! In this video I introduce to you to Fascia and Bowen, aka ‘Fundamentals’.   Why should the Bowen Therapist know about fascia? So what? Well, it’s the material we work with! Like clay is to the pottery maker… By the way, it’s also … Read more

Live Webinar 28th August!

"The Power of the Bowen Move"

Through the interface between Bowen, fascia and mechanobiology, Jenny presents on: Why /how the Bowen ‘move’ heals.

4pm. Sunday 28th! (UK time). Participate LIVE, or get the Recording. £45/£55. Hosted by BTPA