Bowen for bodyworkerS

An Introduction to Bowen Therapy

Melbourne, 24 & 25 February

A 2-day introduction course to Bowen Therapy. Learn about the gentle Bowen technique in theory and in practice in a small group setting with other like-minded practitioners!

Learn to apply the Bowen moves on various regions of the body and help heal your friends, family and your patients!

This course is for manual therapists, movement practitioners –  all health practitioners in the wellness space wishing to up-skill and diversify their practice for maximum results.   Join me this February 2024!   

 Learn more about Bowen HERE.

What is Bowen Therapy?

A gentle neuromuscular technique that uses small, brief rolling motions or stretches on key points on the skin and fascia to initiate a self-regulation: in tissue tensions and nervous system regulation.

It is gentle for both the patient and the practitioner!

Learn more about Bowen HERE.

Who is this course for?

The course is designed for those with prior and/or current experience and qualifications in the health and wellbeing field who would like to expand their skills – integrate Bowen into their practice or service and/or take the first step for full training into Bowen. 

It is recommended that you have prior experience and/or education working with peope and within the wellness space. Examples of this are, but are not limited to: Doctors, Nurses, OHS persons, Massage Therapists,  Kinesiologists, Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Yoga teachers/therapists and all practitioners who are permitted to – in the scope of their current practice – to therapeutically touch a client/patient in a clinical setting. 

The course

During this 15 hour-2-day in-person course, Jenny will present to you the basic foundations of Bowen and you will learn to apply the Bowen “move” or manoeuvre which is quite unique. You will learn some key (and very useful!) Bowen sequences on different regions of the body. By the end of the 2 days, you will feel confident to practice at home and apply on your patients with health benefits. We will also cover basic evaluation methods, making it a truly comprehensive introduction course. You will receive close supervision and guidance to really master the Bowen “move” in a small group environment.

We also cover how to integrate the new skills into your practice no matter what modality you may be using currently. Bowen is a stand-alone technique however care must be taken in how it is combined with other therapies. 

Expect a great weekend with practical skills and knowledge that will start you on a gentle path to healing with the Bowen Technique.

Training in the Bowen Technique with Jenny: Following the introduction course(s), Jenny will schedule  a unique series of Bowen workshops 1 – 4, covering different regions of the body as well as delving deeper into the mechanisms of Bowen.  CPD applicable. 

The course is an interpretation of Tom Bowen’s work by © Jenny Petridis.

In summary, you will learn:


What Bowen Therapy is; it’s principles, characteristics and underpinning philosophies
How to conduct a basic evaluation prior to hands-on application
Learn to apply the unique Bowen “moves” to various regions of the body
How to incorporate your new skills in your own healing work
–   to ensure you come away from the course with confidence to use the skills in one-on-one sessions.


What Jenny brings to the course

Jenny’s healing career has spanned 3 different continents, building networks and speaking engagements about Bowen and fascia.  Though it’s not all science and biology.  Her  approach merges mind-body-spirit with the practical application and principles of Bowen- making for a unique course that caters for both the spiritual and science-minded bodyworker.  

Her knowledge in bodywork and healing has developed over 17 years – with training and practice in various modalities including Remedial massage, Thai Massage, Bowen therapy, Therapeutic yoga, Hatha/Iyengar yoga, Alexander Technique,  and a natural path into social tango dancing. All movement and manual techniques have added texture and depth to her career and philosophy about health. 

In her work, Jenny highlights intention in healing as just as important as developing tactile application and knowledge of the Technique itself. 

“I hope you will join me this February!”
~ Jenny Petridis

Bowen Therapist/Teacher
Course creator of The Biology of Bowen
Bowen Therapy
Dip.Remedial Massage
Therapeutic Yoga

Ready to up-skill and learn Bowen?

Join me in a 2-day Introduction to Bowen course this February!

A course designed specifically for manual and movement practitioners.

✔️ Learn the basics of Bowen Therapy including how to apply the Bowen manoeuvre for therapeutic results.

✔️ Obtain 15 hours of CPD.
Please check with your association to claim professional development points.

✔️ Receive guidance, teaching and support in a small group environment.

✔️ Receive a Certificate upon completion (CPD applicable) and receipt.

✔️ Receive a full colour manual with diagrams, anatomy and clear guidance on applying Bowen.

✔️ Theory and hands-on practical skill for immediate use.

✔️ Content and methods taught are based on the work of Tom Bowen.

✔️ Experienced/qualified Bowen Therapist, educator, Remedial massage therapist, and Speaker-Presenter on fascia and Bowen, ready to give you her best.


Please fill out the form and then make a payment to secure your enrolment.

Other details


$540 – Full payment must be made by February 4th.
Recommended to secure early to avoid disappointment. Limited numbers!

Venue: The Holistic Hub, 237 Richardson Street, Middle Park 3206.
Dates/Time: Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th February, 9:30-5pm.
What to bring: Yourself! Please bring with you appropriate clothing to wear for the hands-on part as we will working directly on skin.
Recommended to wear shorts and comfortable bra (or bikini top that ties on back) that may unclip from the back. We will be learning Bowen moves on the back!

Payment information

Bank Transfer

Bank Australia

Account Name: ITHAKI MOU
BSB Number.: 033-054
Account Number: 394958
Please email to confirm.

or Pay by credit card

One time payment or pay over 3 months

Some pre-study!

Want to delve into Bowen theory already? This is a 25Page Free Report that has been in fact designed for Bowen Therapists who are already fully trained and seek to understand Bowen’s mechanisms more. Well, it’s for you too – a look into what’s to come later down the track in courses. 

Feel free to grab it! It’s FREE! Click on button below.

Other important information


★ This course is applicable for continuing professional development (CPD). Please contact your association if in doubt.
★ As a professional health practitioner you can safely apply the skills acquired in the course for your own practice/patients within the scope of your qualifications and training.
★ This intro course is not a practitioner training course, but designed to teach basic knowledge and skills to apply on your clients/patients with great health benefits, as well as of course your family and friends.

Will you teach beyond the intro course?

Next Level: In-depth workshops

★ Following the Introduction to Bowen course(s), there will be a series of workshops or Units 1 to 4, which will provide further in-depth training in the Bowen Technique. 

★  Some specialised on-going units will also be available after you have completed all the necessary units.  These will be both online or in-person.

★ These in-depth workshops/units are similarly designed for health practitioners who wish to obtain more complete training in the Bowen Technique, as taught by Jenny.

Ready to up-level and add Bowen to your therapeutic toolbox? Join a small group of practitioners this Feb 24 & 25 in Melbourne!

Join a small group of practitioners this Feb 24 & 25 in Melbourne!